Ghost The Musical Cast Recording By Dave Stewart Track List And Preview

    The Ghost The Musical Cast Recording track list has been published on ITunes and a special preview of all of the tracks on the album.  The full track list is below. 

    01 Overture

    02 Here Right Now

    03 Unchained Melody

    04 More

    05 Three Little Words

    06 Sam’s Murder

    07 Ball Of Wax

    08 I Can’t Breathe

    09 Are You A Believer?

    10 With You

    11 Suspend My Disbeliefe / I Had A Life

    12 Rain / Hold On

    13 Life Turns On A Dime

    14 Focus

    15 Talkin’ Bout A Miracle

    16 Nothing Stops Another Day

    17 I’m Outta Here

    18 Unchained Melody (Dance) / The Love Inside

    19 With You (Duet Version)

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