Dave Stewart Review: Live At The Hospital Club For The 2012 Walk A Mile Initiative

    An evening curated by Dave Stewart hosted at his own Hospital Club is another of those pinch me moments, and anyone who viewed the concert on the Livestream broadcast will know just what to expect from Dave’s forthcoming Ringmaster General tour.


    Sunderland, Birmingham, Manchester and London, watch out, Mr. Stewart is On Fire!


    The intimate surroundings of the Hospital Club basement was the location for this launch event for the Walk A Mile Campaign that we’ve mentioned on the site several times in the last few weeks, and as such the room was full of some serious talent, movers and shakers.


    Walk A Mile is the inititiave from Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton that campaigns for tolerance, equality and diversity.


    Dave appeared on stage in his outfit featured on the Ringmaster General, the understated sparkling suit and black top hat, and his Sweet Dreams guitar strap.


    The first 2 tracks were taken from last years Blackbird Diaries album, So Long Ago and Beast Called Fame.  Dave was joined on stage by Ann Marie Calhoun (Violin) Candy Dulfer (Saxophone)  and Nik West (bass guitar) We were treated very early on in the evening to Dave and Candy’s top hit, Lily Was Here.


    Dave and Candy’s passion for this instrumental title track from the dutch film La Kasiere grew and grew, those 4 notes resonating around the studio, building and building into something so passionate, the 2 of them connected as 1 musically. I’m getting goosebumps just writing this back, I’ve waited 20 years to hear them both play this live together, and was totally blown away by this performance. For me my evening was complete and we’d only just started!


    Next onstage was New York based Jihae who performed the re-recorded version of the song Man To Man (Woman To Woman) that is the launch single for the Walk A Mile initiative, and can be downloaded for free by using the SoFit app.


    Jihae took centre stage to perform 2 tracks from her forthcoming album. The tracks called Illusion Of You and All The Same executed perfectly, the audience listening to every word to these serious songs.


    Dave introduced to the stage The Waterboys  stating Mike Scott was one of heroes, they performed Fisherman’s Blues, Strange Boat & Bring Them All In.  First time I’d seen them live, and again amazing how much energy the 2 of them produced on stage.  This is real natural talent, doing what comes naturally, making it look effortless, but so classy at the same time.


    Next up was a nice surprise, Dave Stewart has been working with the Gladstone Community School in Tottenham recently, mixing their track called Everybody Dreams.  The school started their project to show the world that Tottenham is a good place, despite the riots there last year.  These kids got the biggest resecption of the evening, their enthusiastic choir master conducting from just off camera kep them focused on the job at ahnd, and Dave took to the back of the stage to let the kids shine through.



    Watch out for everything to do with these kids, if you want positive young role models, just look at what they are achieving.  The song, brilliantly written and performed, the choir, so talented, and the music no doubt with a sprinkling of Dave Stewart’s magic powder, has all the ingredients to be something great and inspirational.


    Next onstage was KT unstall who delivered a brilliant set including new tracks, and showed her ability to use live samples and loops to recreate backing vocals and effects.  Her finale of Suddenly really got the audience moving.


    Then the moment that a lot of people had been waiting for, Dave Stewart returned to the stage with Daryl Hall.  Daryl sat at the keyboard launched straight into his take on the Eurythmics classic song Here Comes The Rain Again and brilliantly added some of his own interpretations to the song.


    Then he launched into a set of his own hits including Eyes For You,  I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do), Foolish Pride.  Dave Stewart and Daryl Hall go back a long way, with Dave producing tracks on Hall and Oates and Dary’ls Halls solo album from the 1980’s.  Dave also recently was a guest on Daryl’s music show Live From Dary’s House. (Watch it again here)


    Daryl’s vocals were so smooth yet powerful and was another of those flashbacks to all thats was great about the 80’s.  The highlight of thios set for me was I Can’t Go For That with Candy Dulfer on Saxophone.


    KT Tunstall then rejoined the group and Daryl took lead vocals on her track If only, KT has also guested on Live from Dary’s House.


    Dave then returned to front of stage to perform Gypsy Girl And Me, another track from The Blackbird Dairies, before rounding the evening of with 2 storming versions of Missionary Man where Dave let rip with his guitar, and a very solid and tight Sweet Dreams where the audience took over the vocals as the band went silent and came back in with a boom.  KT Tunstall took lead vocals and said it was her dream come true.


    Well it was more than just KT’s dream that came true, there were a lot of people in the audience who had never seen Dave perform live before, and now really know that he is truly a force to reckon with on stage.



    Dave Stewart  So Long Ago
    Dave Stewart  Beast Called Fame
    Dave Stewart  Lily Was Here
    Dave Stewart & Jihae  Man To Man (Woman To Woman)
    Jihae  Illusion Of You
    Jihae  All The Same
    The Waterboys  Fishermans Blues
    The Waterboys  Strange Boat
    The Waterboys  Bring Them All In

    Dave Stewart & Gladesmore
    Community School Choir

      Everybody Dreams
    KT Tunstall  Uummannaq
    KT Tunstall  Invisible Empire
    KT Tunstall  Push That Know
    KT Tunstall  Suddenly
    Dave Stewart & Daryl Hall  Here Comes The Rain Again
    Daryl Hall  Eyes For You
    Daryl Hall  I Can’t  Go For That (No Can Do)
    Daryl Hall  Foolish Pride
    Daryl Hall& KT Tunstall  If Only…
    Dave Stewart  Gypsy Girl
    Dave Stewart  Missionary Man
    Dave Stewart & KT Tunstall  Sweet Dreams


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