Annie Lennox talks briefly about her new music project to Johnnie Walker

    In Annie Lennox’s  interview on BBC Radio 2 last night, she spoke about a wide range of topics, including her early days, working with Dave Stewart, her first record she recorded when she was 10 years old, and her new music project.  Annie confirmed she was back in the studio and that she is singing and recording again.  She spoke about taking time out to be with Mitch Besser, her husband and that she took a back step to spend time with him, and she speaks about how happy she is in her life now.

    Here’s a picture of the record that Annie talks about that she recorded with her friend Isla Monroe recorded when she was 10 years old in Aberdeen railway station.

    You can listen again to the interview below by clicking on it, it is an edited version (By BBC Radio 2) of the full show with just brief clips of each track.

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    1. Mike Wilson

      You must have got a kick out of Annie referring to your record Steve! :)

    2. Eric Gustin

      Hmmm… she says she’s been back in the studio singing, then says Universal Child was the last song she wrote. Medusa Part 2?

    3. Tomás Rosado

      You know, at this point, I would love to hear even (original) instrumental compositions, with her voice singing harmonies on top of the music, no need for words, just music.

    4. Eric Gustin

      Tomás, I agree that original instrumentals would be great, but she’s such a fantastic lyricist… I want it all ;)

    5. Valerie Rosen Wilson

      Thanks so much for uploading the audio, James! Much as I want new songs, I love to hear her say she hasn’t been writing because she got happy! I also liked the nice things she said about Dave during this interview.

    6. Mike Wilson

      Valerie Rosen Wilson I’m glad Annie is happy too, but we E* fans tend to crave the angst and biting edge that Annie is so good at delivering!… LOL – But at this stage I’d be glad for any original music. Her last “real” LP in my opinion was SOMD which was a masterpiece! Lots of dark and gutsy stuff in there. ;)

    7. Valerie Rosen Wilson

      Oh, I love the angst as much as anyone – I have deeply identified with Annie’s distillation of “that sinking feeling” since I was about 10, when Sweet Dreams came out. I’m so thankful that she has this ability to turn depression and loss into wonderful music that resonates with me and so many other people. But, for me it’s equally inspiring how she has survived this kind of unhappiness and seems to be flourishing in her late 50’s, making a difference in a very different way and finding personal happiness too! I hope she finds she can still write great songs while enjoying life.

    8. Annie Haley

      new Annie Lennox music??? Yes yes yes!!!!! I want it now!

    9. Mike Wilson

      Valerie Rosen Wilson – Couldn’t agree more! :)

    10. Tomás Rosado

      I agree, Valerie. She should take her current state as an artistic challenge! Surely there are other aspects within her that merit being expressed musically that feel authentic to her other than sadness and despair, the latter which she might have exhausted already (and this is coming from me, whose default is also sadness and pessimism – and went through a long period of depression -, ‘though I’m much more balanced in my life at the moment, thank you very much!). :-)

    11. Valerie Rosen Wilson

      Speaking of happy, I’m happy to have joined this group! It’s so great to connect with people who are equally obsessed with Eurythmics!

    12. Steve Gayler

      You are very welcome to our group Valerie Rosen Wilson, nice to meet you!

    13. Normand Authier

      It’s funny how an established artist can be expected to produce a certain type of album or song or what-have-you based on their past input, but ultimately it will be up to Annie to determine what flavour her new music will have, and then the public will then have to decide if they like it or not. And she probably doesn’t know yet either. For me, there had actually been times when some of Annie’s output over the years just didn’t speak to me, and then the next thing might.

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