Eurythmics, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox Audio Interview Archives

    We’re pleased to introduce to you the start of our audio archives of Eurythmics, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox Interviews.  There are some real treasures here, and we wan’t you to take part.  We’ve not had time yet to add descriptions to any of the interviews, but when listening to them, if you could write a 2 or 3 line summary of each one, we’ll add it to the listing, also, if you have any interviews yourself that are missing, we can arrange to give you a secure upload to post them to and we’ll add them to the archive.  So to start we’ve got over 20 Eurythmics interviews for you to listen to, some short, some long, but all enjoyable.  If you would like to submit an interview to us, you can email for more information.

    Greatest Hits Interviews

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