Eurythmics Memorabilia : Smash Hits advert for Eurythmics Definitive Biography published 30 years ago.

    Eurythmics Memorabilia : 30 Years Ago the Eurythmics Biography book was published. Here is an advert from Smash Hits dated May 1985.

    Eurythmics - Advert - Books - Sweet Dreams Biography

    Author: stevegayler

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    1. Damon Devine

      I’m insane over this. Great stuff.

    2. Ross Larkin

      55p postage! Feels like the dark ages compared to now!

    3. Steve Gayler

      It’s now 63p to send a small letter in the UK, in line with inflation this is over 33% increase from the early 80’s. Will olny get worse now our Post Office is fully privatised.

    4. Ken Kahle

      Otherwise known as this…

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