New memorabilia gallery added to The Ultimate Eurythmics website – Shop window stickers and clings

    Our galleries will be going through a big upgrade over the next few months, as we finally get to grips with some new archiving software we are using.

    Today’s gallery is just a small gallery in our shop display category of Window Clings and stickers.  A particular favourite of mine is the Would I Lie To You? 6″ x 6″ sticker shown here.

    Gum backed 6" x 6" sticker

    Gum backed 6″ x 6″ sticker

    Author: stevegayler

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    1. Constance Wallace

      #awesome! I remember belting out Annie Lennox songs in the 80s while driving in my car. Great #cassettetape #Memories

    2. Brendan Holiday

      There was also a badge in blue if memory serves.

    3. Eva Babio

      Would I lie to you honey…???

    4. Eva Babio

      Love this song…just feel like dancing!!!

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