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I Know Your Name.

Just 7 words make up this Dave Stewart song that still remain unreleased, but I just love everything about this music, the guitar playing, the very personal video with Dave's wife Anoushka.

What do you think? Have you seen it or heard it before?
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Watch Dave Stewart and Joss Stone at Ronnie Scott's in London for the musical launch of "The Time Traveler's Wife" musical. We were lucky to get a front row preview!

Read more about this on the Ultimate Eurythmics website link in Bio

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Nothing like a bit of "Conditioned Soul" to let the weekend gently ease itself in with! This is the now very rare Music On Vinyl 180g pressing.
Dave Stewart joins legendary Bootsy Collins on a funky new single and video - 'Funk Not Fight!

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Happy Release Day to the Longdancer album Trailer For A Good Life. Released this day in 1974, 47 years ago.

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All Over The World, released this day in 2000, 21 years ago.

There's a great video for this song too!

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"Now would I say something that was untrue?"

Yes it really is 36 years ago The Eurythmics single "Would I Lie To You" was released!

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Deep Bles provided insight into the location, cast and characteristics of Delta blues and North Mississippi hill country blues, watch out for a 4K remastered film soon!

Happy Release Day to the Dave Stewart album Deep Blues. Released this day in 1992, 29 years ago

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Latest additions to the collectors discography

Promo : No
Standard release - black shell silver type with sc
Room 101
5½" Single Flexidisc
Promo : No
Unofficial release - red flexidisc.
Annie Lennox
Promo : Yes
Very Rare 5 Track Sampler
Funk Not Fight
Dave Stewart and Bootsy Collins
Promo : No
Official Release
We Too Are One
Promo : No
Unofficial release - With additional tracks
Promo : No
Standard release - Clear shell and white writin
Annie Lennox
Promo : No
Unofficial release

ALL THE STUPID PAPERS And the stupid magazines

Sweet dreams are made of anything that gets you in the scene?

Latest additions to the library

2023-04-20 – Dave Stewart – RR Auction from The USA ID: 3433


RR Auction

Dave Stewart


An auction catalogue that features the rocket engine that Dave Stewart used in his video for One Way Ticket To The Moon.

2023-04-13 – Eurythmics – Metro from The UK ID: 3418




The UK

A small feature on Sweet Dreams being entered in the the USA's National Recording Registry. Only 25 records are entered each year.

2023-04-11 – Dave Stewart – The Journal from The UK ID: 3422


The Journal

Dave Stewart

The UK

Includes a news story on Len Gibson, a Sunderland resident who fought as a soldier and was a prisoner of war. Len inspired Dave Stewart who would often watch him play his guitar.

2023-04-09 – Dave Stewart – The Observer from The UK ID: 3423


The Observer

Dave Stewart

The UK

Includes a feature on books being turned into musicals and features The Time Travellers Wife with songs written by Dave Stewart and Joss Stone.

2023-04-01 – Annie Lennox – Inside New Orleans from The USA ID: 3432


Inside New Orleans

Annie Lennox


Vol 10 : No. 2 Includes a feature on Steve Rapport (Eurythmics photographer) and includes one of his photos of Annie Lennox

2023-03-30 – Dave Stewart – The Daily Star from The UK ID: 3420


The Daily Star

Dave Stewart

The UK

Includes a small feature and photography of Dave Stewart and Kaya Stewart appearing on American Idol.

2023-03-01 – Eurythmics – Yachting World from The UK ID: 3419


Yachting World


The UK

Features a story on John Preston's wife's determination to continue sailing the boat her and John buil Called Sweet Dreams. John was chairman of BMG and a key figure in Dave and Annie's career.

2023-03-01 – Eurythmics – Classic Pop from The UK ID: 3416


Classic Pop


The UK

Includes a few features. A chart run down featuring Lily Was Here and a section on hits that paved the way for bands to get bigger under a different name.

In the


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