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Dave Stewart collaboration – Sinead O’Connor – Jealous

Dave Stewart collaboration – Sinead O’Connor – Jealous

The track Jealous was taken from Sinead O Connor’s album Faith and Courage released in the year 2000.  Only 2 singles were released from this album, and only just made it into the Top 100 in the UK peaking at No. 86.

Dave Stewart co-wrote the track as well as producing and playing guitars on it too.


  1. Michael Abbott

    Brilliant !!! <3 this song so much, a great collab between the two of them, would love to see a Annie duet on this one

  2. Andrea Efstathiou

    this is UTTERLY brilliant! Her vocals r OMG and they lend themselves perfectly to the music just a perfect combo!

  3. Julian Omar Poblete

    One of her finnest moments by Faith & courage, co-written with Dave

  4. Mike Wilson

    Faith and Courage – A brilliant album!

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