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First pictures of the Annie Lennox Gatefold vinyl version of her forthcoming album Nostalgia

First pictures of the Annie Lennox Gatefold vinyl version of her forthcoming album Nostalgia

Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - UK - LP - 01 Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - UK - LP - 02

Here are the first previews of the new Annie Lennox album Nostalgia, and the luxurious looking gatefold LP.

The album is available to pre-order now in the UK for £20 directly from Annie’s store on Universal Records here


  1. Yes, sorry!!!

  2. Yes, sorry!!!

  3. the vinyl is on amazon Canada.

  4. well, yes, it’s confusing! 🙂

  5. I just called amazon again,, the rep I spoke with told me that they have sold out of preorders and so that’s why it went away but my order is still in and should ship as planned.. well see..

  6. How can you sell out when everyone else has just started offering it? I suppose the record company wants people to order it from their website and they only gave amazon what they wanted.

  7. Time will tell. Lol

  8. It sold out on amazon presale which I can kinda believe since the vinyl is not available in the UK or anywhere else until late October.. The fans and media prob over bought what they had preordered themselves which likely may not have been a great deal of copies since it is vinyl.

  9. But I’m leaving my BnN order too just in case. Worst case situation I will get two vinyls. And that’s ok. I will leave one sealed. Lol it will be nice to frame it in a vinyl frame.

  10. When I click my order now it shows the vinyl on amazon? Says out the 30 of sept.?

  11. My order now has a working link, but there is no listing on amazon’s site for the album now.

  12. Hmm it’s under Annie Lennox vinyl in the search

  13. Or it was a hour ago lol

  14. I love how she uses her platinum dress… As a Victorian Queen of Pop… Or Queen of Victorian Pop??? 😛

  15. I’m loving the album sleeve designs – in all formats. Gorgeous.

  16. On the most banal side, I got to comment: she´s been looking a bit larger and very cool about it lately… This last appearences she displayed her usual natural, unimposed thin self again… She is also gifted by genetics! 😉

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