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First pictures of the Annie Lennox Gatefold vinyl version of her forthcoming album Nostalgia

First pictures of the Annie Lennox Gatefold vinyl version of her forthcoming album Nostalgia

Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - UK - LP - 01 Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - UK - LP - 02

Here are the first previews of the new Annie Lennox album Nostalgia, and the luxurious looking gatefold LP.

The album is available to pre-order now in the UK for £20 directly from Annie’s store on Universal Records here


  1. Monica Do

    Am I the only one or the store website is not yet ready to shop?

  2. Gaby Merman

    I don’t think Annie herself knows it yet, but is there somebody who knows if she will go on tour ?

  3. Brendan Holiday

    Ah, the famous dress made specially by NASA

  4. Steve Gayler

    It is in the UK Monica Do so I guess it’s region intelligent. More pre-order links are going live soon.

  5. Monica Do

    I hope so! I want to get it for Roberta!

  6. Mark Page

    Why is the vinyl still NOT listed on the us Amazon but is on the Canada amazon??)?????? What is going on!? I’m losing my patience!

  7. Mark Stevens

    Mark Page, I know. It’s a complete mess.

  8. Mark Page

    why does my instincts suggest I go ahead and order from Barnes and Noble too?

  9. Mark Page

    are amazon not carrying the vinyl? I dont understand. Its even on deep discount as well.

  10. Mark Page

    I ordered it from Barnes and Noble as well if I end up with two I will leave one sealed I want that vinyl. and NO I wont order from Annie’s store because its in the UK and its not in US money and my credit card isnt accepted in the UK. I dont have an Mastercard or Visa. I have to order where my card is usable. and plus in Annie’s store it wont ship until after Oct 27 I want mine Sept 30!

  11. Monica Do

    At Barnes and Noble there is not the Limited Edition CD+DVD, tough

  12. Mark Page

    i ordered the CD from amazon. I ordered the VINYL on B&N.

  13. Mark Page

    i want both vinyl and CD!

  14. Monica Do

    I was rtying to find and place with everything to save on postage!

  15. Mark Page

    the cd wont drop until late October why do you want to wait that long for the vinyl? the vinyl is in two weeks!! if you combine orders they wont send the vinyl until the cd is out. I hope you do know that.

  16. Mark Page

    no I wont combine any orders and wait until the cd is out. I want the vinyl the 30th! period! and Im getting annoyed amazon dont have it back up. I dont know anywhere else that delivers the day of release.. but I did use the fastest postage possible on B&N for the vinyl. we will see what happens you do what you can and just see.

  17. Monica Do

    Thanks, I haven’t thought about that!

  18. Mark Stevens

    I’m on a live chat with amazon right now trying to figure this out.

  19. Mark Page

    Good let us know what you find out. I ordered from b&n too. I do what I can do and wait and see that’s about all I can do.

  20. Mark Stevens

    So far … “Since you have a made a pre order on August 23, 2014, I can still the package has a Guaranteed delivery by: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
    it shows that the order is recognized but has not been fulfilled
    Amazon is doing some changes with the product, they may offer possible promotions in the future.”

  21. Mark Page

    Oh ok. Well that’s about the same thing they told me when I called them. I’m leaving my order on with it.

  22. Mark Stevens

    Don’t ask me what that means. I think she’s as confused as I am.

  23. Mark Stevens

    I’m leaving my order, too.

  24. Steve Gayler

    I don’t think there is anything to worry about, I just think the pre-order links got released before they were originally ready. I think in the next few days, everything will be sorted out. The pixies are working hard to make sure all the right info is provided as quickly as possible.

  25. Mark Page

    I felt the same way Mark. I decided what the hell. I order from B&N too. I cringe at that much money going out to the wind but it’s Annie. And I want the vinyl as soon as possible.

  26. Mark Page

    I do know that amazon does not always provide everything. So it may be possible since they have their limited edition available they won’t carry the vinyl until later on.

  27. Mark Stevens

    Well it makes sense now why the amazon release date for the regular album was moved to Oct. 23. Amazon wants you to order the exclusive edition.

  28. Mark Stevens

    Perhaps what’s going to happen is if you order the vinyl, you will get a free digital download, and that’s what she’s talking about a “special promotion.” But, good grief, get on the ball, amazon!

  29. Mark Page

    That’s what I think too

  30. Mark Page

    It’s annoying

  31. Mark Stevens

    So I read this morning, too, that if you pre-ordered the album on amazon, you got a free download of Spell. But I haven’t got notice of a digital download. Anyone else?

  32. Mark Stevens

    I’m told the vinyl will be shipped to reach me on Sept. 30, etc. with my other orders and their release dates. I think she’s as confused as everyone else. I think amazon somehow jumped the gun on all this, and now it’s all a mess.

  33. Mark Page

    Yep well they have mine reaching me the 1 of October lol and I put mine on over night shipping too plus on my order the fee for postage has disappeared. It’s screwed up it looks but I’m leaving it on. Maybe if or when they ever add the vinyl it will automatically get fixed.

  34. Mark Page

    Got it ordered at b&n too. So you do what you can do and see what happens.. That’s about it.

  35. Monica Do

    You are talking about Amazon Canada, right?

  36. Monica Do

    You are talking about Amazon Canada, right?

  37. Mark Stevens

    I’ve been talking about Amazon US.

  38. Mark Stevens

    I’ve been talking about Amazon US.

  39. Monica Do

    Yes, sorry!!!

  40. Monica Do

    Yes, sorry!!!

  41. Mark Page

    the vinyl is on amazon Canada.

  42. Monica Do

    well, yes, it’s confusing! 🙂

  43. Mark Page

    I just called amazon again,, the rep I spoke with told me that they have sold out of preorders and so that’s why it went away but my order is still in and should ship as planned.. well see..

  44. Mark Stevens

    How can you sell out when everyone else has just started offering it? I suppose the record company wants people to order it from their website and they only gave amazon what they wanted.

  45. Mark Page

    Time will tell. Lol

  46. Mark Page

    It sold out on amazon presale which I can kinda believe since the vinyl is not available in the UK or anywhere else until late October.. The fans and media prob over bought what they had preordered themselves which likely may not have been a great deal of copies since it is vinyl.

  47. Mark Page

    But I’m leaving my BnN order too just in case. Worst case situation I will get two vinyls. And that’s ok. I will leave one sealed. Lol it will be nice to frame it in a vinyl frame.

  48. Mark Page

    When I click my order now it shows the vinyl on amazon? Says out the 30 of sept.?

  49. Mark Stevens

    My order now has a working link, but there is no listing on amazon’s site for the album now.

  50. Mark Page

    Hmm it’s under Annie Lennox vinyl in the search

  51. Mark Page

    Or it was a hour ago lol

  52. Pablo Keyes

    I love how she uses her platinum dress… As a Victorian Queen of Pop… Or Queen of Victorian Pop??? 😛

  53. Andrew Ritchie

    I’m loving the album sleeve designs – in all formats. Gorgeous.

  54. Pablo Keyes

    On the most banal side, I got to comment: she´s been looking a bit larger and very cool about it lately… This last appearences she displayed her usual natural, unimposed thin self again… She is also gifted by genetics! 😉

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