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Memorabilia Of The Week : Eurythmics Revival World Tour bandanna

Memorabilia Of The Week : Eurythmics Revival World Tour bandanna

This weeks item of memorabilia is this Eurythmics bandanna that was sold on the Revival Tour in 1989.


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  1. Andy Rhodes

    Ooh I’ve got one too 🙂

  2. Mark Stevens

    I don’t remember that. I would have loved to had that.

  3. Mark Stevens

    So, it’s not just me, Danny? I don’t remember this for sale at the concert we were at.

  4. Daniel Mueller

    Nope… I never saw it until now…strange! Maybe they sold out before Upper Darby!

  5. Erin Malloy

    I was at that show too…prayed the Tower wouldn’t collapse!

  6. Daniel Mueller

    Erin, that is so funny. Mark and I became friends years afterwards, and always wish we had known one another at that show. We also had another friend, Debbie, who was at that show…and we (or at least I) met her a few years afterwards too.

  7. Mark Stevens

    And now we’ve all found one another!

  8. Mark Stevens

    Danny, we met Debbie together in 1993 or 1994, I think. We both came down to her town and spent the night, I think.

  9. Daniel Mueller

    Yes…it was a lot of fun. I tried to look her up on FB…I think I may have found her page, but not 100% sure.

  10. Mark Stevens

    Debbie was so nice to me and really helped me out as a young collector of Eurythmics.

  11. Steve Gayler

    Maybe it was a Europe only item.

  12. Jaume Brunet Papiol

    I didn’t buy this item at the Barcelona concert but through the fan club. Anyway I can remember it was on sale during the concert.

  13. Tania Brickell

    It was definitely for sale through the fan club. I got mine from there as Eurythmics have never been back to NZ since the Revenge tour.

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