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Annie Lennox to give a private performance in New York fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Annie Lennox to give a private performance in New York fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

You will need deep pockets if you wish to attend with tickets costing between $5000 and $25000, but on the 20th September, Annie Lennox will be in New York with proceeds going to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.Β  It would appear you have to be a resident of the USA to attend.

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  1. Mark Page

    Is this for real?? Way to go Annie

  2. Daniel Mueller

    So freaking awesome….go Annie!!!!

  3. Mark Stevens

    Well that’s a little more than I can afford. πŸ™‚

  4. Mark Page

    But isn’t it wonderful? πŸ™‚

  5. Mark Page

    Miss Annie must think her fans are rich. Lol. Not me. Lol. Not by a long shot. But I’m sure some of those high class democrats in NY will go.

  6. Mark Stevens

    Well I’m sure the campaign set the ticket prices.

  7. ShyBoy

    Seriously? She is CORRUPT! As bad as Trump!

  8. Erin Malloy

    So was it HER Annie CD Bill gave Monica? Inquiring minds want to know. At 5K a pop, I’ll be sitting that one out. Would be fun to people watch, though.

  9. Erin Malloy

    Opens the door to her performing at the Inuaguration (hopefully. DOUBT Trump would want her at HIS)

  10. Mark Stevens

    We won’t even think it’s possible for Trump to have an inauguration.

  11. Cameron Carr

    She’s still flying over the Pond??? WE HAVE HOPE, PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAS!!!

  12. Erin Malloy

    She’s gotta pick up her award from the first ladies or something. Wasn’t one she could really phone in.

  13. Iris Smith

    Annie, you rule. Talented and brilliant !!

  14. Mark Page

    Mark Stevens yea I’m sure. I was just joking

  15. Mark Page

    Mark Stevens yea I’m sure.

  16. Mark Grainge

    What Iris said ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  17. Stephen McDowall

    Fantastic news, Go Annie and Go Hillary ! Would be fun to guess the playlist, Sisters seems a sure bet ?

  18. Daniel Mueller

    I was thinking that too, and Sweet Dreams.

  19. Stephen McDowall

    Annie could drag up as Trump, reverting back to the orange hair. Who’s That Girl ? running around with you……ok maybe not πŸ™‚

  20. Carrie L. Dobmeier

    Honestly I has a moment where I glanced up, looked around my apartment, and said: “what the hell could I sell to make this cash…?”

  21. Mark Page

    It would be neat to be a fly on the wall wouldn’t it

  22. Mark Page

    Im use to not seeing her though. Lol. Nothing new to me to miss out

  23. Debbie Harrington

    Wow!!!!!! I hope we get to see some of the performance on TV somehow

  24. Erin Malloy

    You weren’t alone πŸ™‚

  25. Mark Page

    I’ll be surprised if any of our friends that are hard core fans will even be there. However you do know it’s likely going to be Annie on keyboards again. It’s probably nothing we haven’t seen before. But still it would be a great thing to be able to see and a rare performance at that.

  26. Brendan Holiday

    I wonder if this still going to happen now.

  27. Mark Stevens

    I would think so. If not, someone is still very ill, but you don’t just bounce back from pneumonia.

  28. Brendan Holiday

    I’m assuming pat of the draw is seeing Hillary not just Annie. Especially for those prices.

  29. Mark Stevens

    I would think so, too.

  30. Dan Carr

    I’m genuinely surprised that no one has condemned this yet. Way to go, everyone!

  31. Brendan Holiday

    I think it’s a safe assumption that Eurythmics fans are generally not Trump supporters. Definitely two separate groups of people. One group possessing intelligence, the other group possessing a hamster running inside a wheel where a brain should be.

  32. Dan Carr

    Im not saying they were, but I thought that it was inevitable that at least one Hillary Hater or Trump Supporter would feel the uncontrollable urge to make their views known to the rest of us. It happened in the Blue Γ–yster Cult group with the other side when the boys dared to play as part of the FoxNews summer concert series.

  33. Brendan Holiday

    This is not to insult your Blue Oyster Cult group but I think Eurythmics fans will likely be much younger, more gay positive and have a larger female presence.

  34. Dan Carr

    None taken. Your assumptions for the averages are correct on all accounts.

  35. Brendan Holiday

    Also more non-Americans in this group. The average Republican/Trump supporter would come in here shouting things like ”libtard” and ”Benghazi” and get banned tout suite.

  36. Daniel Mueller

    Plus, Trump is an issue of not only US National Security, but International Security, so props to Annie.

  37. Daniel Mueller

    I do not think Hillary is attending this one, a private fundraiser with Annie performing.

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