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On the 12th Day of Xmas, Ultimate Eurythmics gave to me:

On the 12th Day of Xmas, Ultimate Eurythmics gave to me:

On the 12th Day of Xmas, Ultimate Eurythmics gave to me:

The Black & White video of I Need A Man

A rare Eurythmics show filmed in LA with Bob Geldof & Paula Yates for The Tube

Les Enfants Du Rock interview with Dave and Annie at The Church

2 Ultimate Eurythmics TV Adverts

Dave Stewart and Jimmy Z fooling around

A BBC 2 documentary on Annie Lennox and Diva

Dave Stewart and the first episode of his SlyFi TV show

A rare performance of Why on German TV

An Annie Lennox Medusa press kit video

Dave and Annie singing a crazy sped up version of King & Queen Of America with Joniece & Charlie

A rare 40 minute long video with Dave Stewart performing many of the Spiritual Cowboys songs acoustically,

and Annie Lennox talking about her time with Greenpeace in Moscow.


  1. Mauricélio Avelino

    Wow! the takes it´s so different! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thomas Dagg

    Just viewed the video, and its amazing totally different from the original version

  3. Stewart Lennox

    you saved the best for last. nice to see something new but i’m glad (and can understand why) they didn’t use this as the official video.

  4. Mupp Freek

    There were supposedly four different versions of the video – the “standard” version we always see, this b&w version, a Macho Mix version … and the fourth i’ve never seen – has anyone else?

  5. Brian Brazill

    I love the parts where the shot is adjusted so that her moving head is fixed in the frame, and everything else moves instead. Very trippy!

  6. Mark Stevens

    Yes, Mupp Freek, the fourth one has always alluded me, too. If only we could get the Savage video album released with bonus tracks!

  7. Clem Stambaugh

    If only indeed, Mark Stevens!

  8. Mike Wilson

    Thanks Steve.. Very cool!! (y)

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