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Annie Lennox has just performed Fragile for Sting at The Polar Music Prize ceremony in Stockholm

Annie Lennox has just performed for Sting at the Polar Music Prize awards ceremony where he is being honoured as one of the 2017 Laureates.

Annie spoke about hiding in the corridors to make her performance a surprise for him.  You can see Sting is visibally moved by Annie’s appearance.

She performed Fragile taken from Sting’s Grammy winning album Nothing Like The Sun and can be seen in the video below.



  1. Debbie Harrington

    Oh bless him, he looks incredibly moved ❤️

  2. Yann Jouvet

    Magnifique interprétation

  3. Irina Bran

    Omg, so touching !
    It seems like she’s stirred up some old feelings.. could it be … ?

  4. Dan Flanery

    It’s very interesting, she’s sorta become the Scottish Nina Simone. Even her piano playing has become much more expressive and inventive as she’s gotten older.

  5. Jorge Beleza

    Full of sentiment (as always), but I find the interpretation a bit unbalanced, there are parts that are just too loud, whereas other, lower parts, are just perfect and where the emotion is all there. Do you know how I feel? ; )
    A record with her ever-favourite songs at the piano would be awesome.

  6. Lee Jabs

    I agree 🙂

  7. Tomás Rosado

    For a second, I thought she was going to go into Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Perhaps it was the inspiration for her arrangement of Sting’s song.

  8. Carrie L. Dobmeier

    Oh my God, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Steve!

  9. Mark Page

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing

  10. Theresa Pelley

    I am a long standing fan of Annie Lennox, she’s the best . Especially love her Christmas Cornicopia,

  11. Jaume Brunet Papiol

    My two beloved artists together. This is a so emotional performance. Thanks for sharing Steve! <3

  12. Robert MacDonald

    I love the fact that it’s the Polar Music award, Polar being ABBA’S label, with Universal Music now owning Polar and Annie being part of the Universal Music family too.. serendipity I believe is the right turn of phrase.. 🙂

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